curlx   //

Supercharge API Interaction with
history, collections and more.

Getting Started

curlx is a simple command line HTTP client that keeps track of request history, helps you organize your requests, run and test frequent calls faster and more.

It's cURL with the goodness of PostmanTM. Use it just the way you would use cURL. Nothing new to learn.

npm install curlx -g to install curlx. Make sure to have node 8 or above.

cx --version to get the current version. Latest version is 1.0.0

Make requests

curlx displays all details (headers, status code, etc) of your response output in a formatted human readable way.

Use cx just like how you would use curl. Under the hood, this is just makes the curl call for you.


Every request you make is logged with a unique id for quickly executing it in future. You can iterate faster without having to type in the entire request again.

cx history displays your recent calls timestamped with status.

cx run {request_id} will run that particular request again for you.


Organize your requests into groups/collections helping you to discover or re-run frequent requests faster.

cx new collection walks you through a short prompt to create a new collection.

cx collections displays your current list of collections.


Everything is stored locally in your machine.

The cxdb folder on the root directory contains the history and collection json files (export ready).

Change Log

0.0.8 - Latest